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Fewer people than ever are buying digital point-and-shoot cameras, but there has never been a better time to get one! Lately, the camera of choice for the overwhelming majority of the world has been the one in everyone’s smartphones. And why not—they are fully bundled into a device you always carry anyway—taking up virtually no additional space and weighing so little, they’re barely there. With a phone’s constant connection to the Internet, pictures taken with a smartphone have the least distance to travel, in terms of your time and effort, to get onto any one of the social medial platforms that all together have the biggest audience for photography. For the selfies and snapshots that make up the constantly flowing image streams that underpin Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the picture quality provided by smartphone cameras tends to be good enough.

Best Advanced Point and Shoot Camera 2019

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But you might be a photography enthusiast who doesn’t consider the picture quality from a smartphone camera “good enough.” Or, you are accustomed to the control over exposure and focus provided by larger-format digital cameras. In those respects, advanced point-and-shoot cameras are a good solution, and blend more advanced imaging capabilities with customizable and accessible controls, yet still maintain a smaller, inconspicuous form factor, sans the added bulk of additional lenses.

Below are five current and well-regarded advanced point-and-shoots from which to pick. All offer some exposure control, plus RAW file output, which can further help you preserve image quality before editing or making changes to a picture. All of these cameras can be used to take great photos, but the choice can be made depending on the features that best suit you.

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