Best Point and Shoot Camera for Video

Point-and-shoot cameras have stood the test of time and still have use today despite some more advanced types of digital cameras taking the reigns of the market the past decade. When filming videos, many factors need to be taken into consideration for choosing the best camera. However, one of the most important to first keep in mind is size. This is where point-and-shoots dominate — when it comes to versatility, these are amazing, especially if you want something that (typically) fits in your pocket, is great for on-the-go uses like traveling or camping, and less likely to break on you if you drop it. Today we took some time to look through the best point-and-shoot cameras for videos to give you some help.

Best Point and Shoot Camera for Video

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Picking your point-and-shoot video camera

As we read in our recent video camera guide, there are many types of video cameras in regards to shapes, sizes and functionality available to us today. Since we’re in here today, we’ve been able to knock out one of the biggest factors when determining which video camera you need — type. Do you need versatility? Ruggedness? Point-and-shoots have your back. They’re perfect for traveling, filming sports, or really any person who doesn’t want one of those big and bulky DSLR cameras.

For point-and-shoot video cameras, the budget-range is pretty wide. We have some amazing cameras for under $500, while others below that price-range get to be a bit budget-friendly but sacrifice some video quality and extra features you may need down the road. How much cash do you have saved up? This will be your first and foremost thought to keep in mind when sifting through our picks.

Next up is video resolution and overall quality. Do you want the newest of the new, 4K video resolution? Can you settle with 1080p resolution (this is still the most popular video resolution out today, and will be for quite a few more years as 4K needs to continue become cheaper as well as supported by a lot of playback devices — until then, 1080p is still quite fine to have)? Also keep in mind the frames-per-second your video camera provides — 60p is a lot better than 15p, regardless if it’s 1080p or 720p.

Lastly, extra features of your point-and-shoot camera are also important. In terms of the word extra, we mean functions and specs included in your video camera that don’t involve your necessary,basic camera features (such as the ability to record video, processors, sensors, etc.) Some examples include waterproof and shockproof protection, Wi-Fi or NFC connectivity, software or apps, optical zoom, and more.

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